24 Hour Guarantee


Overnight Priority Shipping


Free Shipping on Orders over $350

Dead on arrival and 24hr after arrival guarantee.

If your coral doesn’t make it within 24 hours of first attempted delivery we will replace if possible or add store credit for other available items. Just send clear and accurate photos of the deceased coral and we will work with you!

We will extend the guarantee if coral are damaged in shipping up to two weeks, if accurate photos are taken of the damaged coral in bag within 2 hours of first attempted delivery time.

Shipping delays are covered 100%, we always pack coral in case of delays but in the case of shippers failure and the death of the corals, we will take the loss. No more dealing with shady vendors sending you dead coral and taking your hard earned money.

All live coral orders are shipped FedEx priority overnight.

Our default shipping days are the following Tuesday or Wednesday from order unless otherwise noted by buyer. I can ship any day of the week besides Friday and weekends.

Buyer satisfaction guaranteed!



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